Membership Dues

The membership dues for 2022 are 19 Euros, 18 € of which is for the membership and 1€ is a fee. If you prefer to pay in US dollars, the amount is $23.

You can use one of the following options to pay your dues:

1. PayPal: 

a. Go to your PayPal account.

b. Find ‘transfer money’.

c. Type or copy-paste the name of AIEP’s account:

d. Choose ‘Paying for an item or service’. 

e. Enter the amount you want to pay in euros or in US dollars.

f. Write your name and the years for which you are paying in the field ‘add a note’.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can establish one for free. It is easy.

2. Bank transfer:

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, you can pay to the following account:

AIEP, Anders-Christian Jacobsen

Nordea Bank, Nordea Viby, Skanderborgvej 190, 8260 Viby J

Registration number: 2316

Account number: 0729701874

IBAN: DK0720000729701874


If you have any questions, please email