Welcome to the web site of the International Association of Patristic Studies (I.A.P.S.). The purpose of the Association is to promote the study of Christian antiquity, especially the Fathers of the Church.

The Association attempts to bring into contact all those whose work in one way or another concerns patristic research, especially those engaged in imparting instruction in this field and responsible for orienting and directing research, as well as directors of collections, editions, reviews, encyclopaedias and other publications.

The Association also attempts to provide precise information on works published, planned or in progress in the field of Christian antiquity, and communicates this information in an annual Bulletin and a biennial Annuaire, published by Brepols.

A brochure about the Association is available for distribution.

In March 2020 AIEP decided to create a YouTube channel in order to update and deepen the essence of AIEP, which consists of putting in contact and mutual communication scholars whose work relates to research and teaching in the field of Patristic Studies. You can find the YouTube channel here.

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